About Me

So here we are new year, a new me. 2018 was a doozie for me personally. I’m definitely ready for a fresh start in 2019. My name is Brooke. I am a working mom. I am married and have two boys. Both of which are very active. They participate in baseball, taekwondo and many other activities. We often times have to find a balance between family, school, activities and fun. It is not always easy but we do it.

I have thought for a long time about starting a blog for different reasons. One is my way to manage and feed my creative side. The other is to share our madness with other families.

So my goal here it is to give myself an outlet to express myself. I also hope to share how we make things work as a family. For instance, what we eat, where we go, items that we purchase that work for us. I am hoping for growth for myself and possibly helping someone else in the process.